Life is short, so eat great food.

When you're looking for place to eat or just to grab a drink, you can either wade through the thousands of options on your maps app and hope for the best, or you can go to one of your friends who knows all the best spots. Well, now we are one of your new friends. Nice to meet you.

LocalFinds is your reliable guide for great local food recommendations. Not just good places, but great places. Really great places. From small boutique bars, to cosy cafés, all the way to restaurant chains that continue to kick ass despite their growth, we collect and curate all the best places that Edinburgh has to offer.

Have a favourite spot that's not on the list, or own a business that you want featured? Great to hear! Head over to the submit a location form and tell us about the place you have in mind.

Wanna say hi, dispute a listing, or reach out about something else? You can easily contact me here, or feel free to flick me an email at hello@nikolaibain.com.

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